Who we are

Started in 2018, Shilpgram Mahila Producer Company is a humble effort to make handcrafted local products, for the world! 

Headquartered at Darbhanga, Bihar, India, and collectively owned and run by 500+ skilled rural women artisans, we're on a mission to generate our livelihoods and become financially healthy, while making homegrown products, arts, and crafts and keep the traditional handicrafts of Bihar flowing through our generations.

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Meet our artisans - the heart and soul behind our products

 Shilpgram is unique in the way it is set up because it is our artisans who OWN the company and are profit-sharing board members! We’re proud to be wholly run by these artisans because without their dedication and hard work, we would not be where we are!

Company team

Narmada Jha
Art Form: Madhubani Painting

Narmada didi is the head of our most experienced Madhubani producer group, Shilp Sangh. She says,  “It has been 45 years and I still love what I do.  Madhubani paintings have been a part of my life since childhood." Narmada didi now takes pride in training and mentoring young artisans in her group to make them financially independent. 
At Shilpgram, she not only helps drive our creative design but also takes it upon herself to conduct strict quality control so that all of our products are premium quality for our customers. 
Company team

Sudha Devi
Art Form: Madhubani Painting

A Madhubani artisan for over 26 years, Sudha Devi was one of the founding members of the Shilp Sangh producer groups. Didi recalls, "In the beginning, it was so difficult to convince women to join the group. The males of the village would oppose and obstruct the group meetings." Her courage and determination have helped the group come a long way since.
Sudha didi recognizes the harm machine-made replicas cause to traditional arts and encourages customers to identify and value authentic handmade art.

Neetu Devi
Art Form: Sikki Grass Crafts

It has been over 15 years since Neetu didi first learned the Sikki grass craft from her mother-in-law, which in no time became her passion. Neetu didi is proud of the financial and social independence that association with Shilpgram brings. "Every group member should get sufficient work.", says Neetu didi who is determined to ensure every artisan in her group is able to earn enough to sustain themselves and their families. 

Renu Devi
Art Form: Sujni Embroidery

While being introduced to the art form from an early age through her mother and later her mother-in-law, Renu didi only took up Sujni embroidery formally after receiving a training organized by JEEViKA.  Didi's years of experience reflect in her confidence and clarity of her thoughts as she remarks, "There are many women in the nearby villages who are interested to learn the Sujni art. I hope to encourage and train more women to pursue the art form and become financially independent. "

Company team

Vimla Devi
Art Form: Madhubani Painting

Practicing Madhubani paintings for over forty years, Vimla didi is one of the most experienced hands of Shilpgram, and her masterfully crafted products feature throughout our collections. 

Company team

Padma Shri Dulari Devi
Art Form: Madhubani Painting

A self-made Madhubani artist who fought all odds to learn the nuances of the art form and become an accomplished painter, Padma Shri Dulari Devi is an inspiration to all of us. H er incredible life story, talent, and passion make the entire Shilpgram family swell with pride. Dulari didi's paintings frequently feature on the Shilpgram online platform.

Behind The Scenes

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Behind the scenes and the making of Shilpgram

Shilpgram is an initiative of Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (BRLPS) , or simply JEEViKA, with the sole objective of enhancing the financial sustainability of rural women artisans through improved marketing, design, and capacity-building support